Thursday, May 26, 2005


Over 7 million DWF Viewer downloads

The lightweight viewer of CAD data Autodesk DWF Viewer has reached 7 million downloads mark. DWF Viewer is a free viewer of DWF data for Windows desktop and web pages.
See DWF Viewer download to get your copy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


HP Instant Printing from Autodesk DWF Viewer

New CAD tip by CAD Forum describes the new HP Instant Printing technology introduced by HP and Autodesk in DWF Viewer and Composer.
See HP Instant Printing from Autodesk DWF Viewer / Composer.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


How to get rid of spaces in AutoCAD layer names?

Even some AutoCAD commands (e.g. commandline versions of commands asking for a layer name) and Express Tools do not work well with layer names containing spaces. See CAD Forum tip - How to get rid of spaces in AutoCAD layer names?.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


AutoCAD 2006 - New Features Workshop

The New Features Workshop flash feature in AutoCAD 2006 is now available also online at New Features Workshop.
New Features Workshop presents new functions in AutoCAD 2006 and compares them to the previous versions. You can select your existing AutoCAD version a go through the enhanced functionality in release 2006.

Monday, May 02, 2005


Automatic save in AutoCAD

One of the most frequently asked questions is the location/existence of automatic backup files created by AutoCAD in preset time intervals.
The most confusing behaviour of these backup files is that they are deleted on regular AutoCAD exit. So if your AutoCAD session doesn't fail/abort, don't look for the SV$ backup file.
The second issue is the time interval - if you set e.g. 600 seconds the .SV$ files are not saved every 10 minutes - they are saved only after 10 minutes of every change of your edited drawing (if another timed save has not occurred and if you haven't saved your drawing manually).
To restore your drawing from a .SV$ file, just rename it to .DWG or use the automatic restore functionality introduced in AutoCAD 2006.


Disabling animated zoom in AutoCAD 2006.

For those who perceive the new animated zooms in AutoCAD 2006 as slower - here is a tip from CAD Forum - Disabling animated zoom in AutoCAD 2006.

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