Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Autodesk DWF tools updated

Autodesk has recently updated all of its free DWF tools.

On the publishing side - for AutoCAD 2008 there is a new DWFx driver allowing to publish DWFx files directly from AutoCAD Plot (ePlot DWFx). XPS-style .dwfx files do not need any viewer to display on Windows Vista computers. I would expect Autodesk includes this in a shipping boxes - but probably the have missed the shipping deadline or the DWFx driver is scheduled to be updated more frequently. For non-Autodesk applications, there is a new DWF Writer 2008 (aka V3.5). All the 2D/3D versions, Solidworks/CATIA plugins etc. are now in a single installation. Unsurprisingly, DWF Writes 2008 also adds support for Windows Vista.

On the viewing/reviewing side there is now a single free application - the new Autodesk Design Review 2008. It has a lot of new functions (see the Beyond the Paper blog), the most important for me is the measuring/redlining of 3D DWF files, DGN support, DWFx support. Autodesk has also rebranded its DWFit web service - the viewerless web viewing of DWF files is now Freewheel (the original name of the development project).

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