Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Creeper in 3ds max models

I am not an expert in 3ds max and I have to admit I cannot make a convincing visualization or animation. But - like most of us - I like the nice photorealistic pictures coming from 3D AutoCAD scenes, from 3ds max, VIZ, Inventor or Revit. To make these pictures even nicer and more convincing, there are lots of add-on effect plugins available for 3ds max and VIZ. You can find a list e.g. on www.maxplugins.de .

Using one of such add-on tools, the CAD Forum tip Creeping plants explains how to add creepers rambling over building walls and other 3D objects loaded from CAD applications. The Ivy Generator looks like a nice tool for architects, exterior designers and garden architects. If you are working with 3ds max or Maya, try it - finally, it is free.

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Friday, June 08, 2007


Design Review as a DGN viewing tool

Autodesk Design Review is in the first place a viewing and markup tool for DWF, DWFx and DWG files. But with the DGN plugin, you can simply use it to view also DGN v8 files. We have recently received a bunch of DGN files for a project - this tool allows us to measure basic dimensions before we further process or convert such files.

When using Design Review for DGN files, don't forget to open the DGN files by Import (not by Open), or just drag and drop them to Design Review. You probably won't be able to open some DGN files as Design Review supports only the curent version of DGN files - version 8.

Don't forget - both the Design Review 2008 and the DGN plugin are free.

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