Saturday, August 25, 2007


CommandComplete refreshes your memory

I usually don't use AutoCAD menus for the most frequent commands. Instead I type the command names or their aliases on commandline.

The TAB autocomplete key is a great timesaver for this. But sometimes you cannot remember how the command or variable name starts - and TAB won't help you in such case.

Now Autodesk Labs has released a small new utility - CommandComplete. It displays a small popup window with commands and variables while you type on your commandline. This window lists all commands and variables containing (anywhere) the letters you have typed so far. So e.g. "PALE" lists PALETTEOPAQUE, *_TOOLPALETTEPATH, TOOLPALETTES and other related commands and variables including their values and a short description.

As with all "Labs" tools, it is an experimental utility - there are currently some small problems when deleting already written characters and a more important problem that this utility offers only the English command names - even in localized AutoCAD. But you can easily edit the XML file containing the predefined names. And you can also add your own words - they don't need to be real commands - just any words you want to lookup when typing on the commandline.

See CommandComplete for more information.

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