Tuesday, September 18, 2007


AutoCAD 2009? Inventor 2009? 3ds max 2009? Tell me the difference!

The current issue of Ralph Grabowski's upFront.eZine informs about the Autodesk's Grand Unification Plan aiming to go into deeper unification of the user interfaces and file formats in Autodesk software applications.

So maybe the new versions (2009?) of AutoCAD, Inventor or 3ds max will share a similar user interface (which may or may be not good) and it probably will be easier to share their data (which is definitely good). I suppose the new UI will go the way Microsoft goes - i.e. expect ribbons and adaptive user interfaces. So prepare large monitors and graphics resolutions...

But it is not only AutoCAD, Inventor and 3ds max. Autodesk has now 76 different products and with the latest acquisitions there will be probably even more of them. So data sharing and a grand unification plan is more and more important.

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