Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Variable constraints (parametrics) in AutoCAD

IMSI/Design has released an AutoCAD add-on for those who need a parametric 2D sketching tool with associative geometric and dimensional constraints -- IDX Variable Constraint System (VCS).

You can imagine VCS as a parametric sketch environment similar to e.g. Inventor. By changing a single parameter you can quickly change the geometry of a whole diagram.

While this can be interesting for some applications, the price tag of this add-on is rather high (500$). In many cases, full Inventor could be justified and may serve better. Or - as Autodesk is said to be planning it - a similar tool may be in the works for AutoCAD subscription customers or for a higher release.

In any case - parametric 2D drawings (DWG) are available for those who need it.

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