Thursday, April 02, 2009


AutoCAD for Apple Mac - please no!

I have somehow hoped that this an April Fool's joke only - Shaan Hurley has published a AutoCAD & Mac OSX Survey on April 1st.

Unfortunately it seems to be meant seriously. Why unfortunately? Well, I am sure that Mac users will be happy about some AutoCAD 2011 for Mac but what about the 99% percent of the rest of us? With any software development, the pace of the development depends on the resources dedicated to it. And I think that Autodesk resources are not unlimited. This means that all efforts of porting AutoCAD to Mac (or Linux, or whatever) will eat resources which would be otherwise dedicated to adding new functions to AutoCAD, fixing its bugs, making it faster, nicer, better.

I cannot see any CAD designer using Mac OS in my neighbourhood. Maybe it is different in the US but in Europe, there are only about 1% of Mac users (the log data of major web portals) and only a small portion of them would eventually use AutoCAD. Is this really a market which is worth slowing down the future development of AutoCAD?


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