Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Twitch your AutoCAD

Do you live within 1,000 miles of the San Francisco Bay Area? And do you have 5Mbps or greater internet bandwidth?

Most of us do not. But if you do, you can test drive the latest versions of AutoCAD 2010, Inventor 2010, Revit 2010 and Maya 2010 without installing. Autodesk now offers trial versions of some of its applications in a "hosted" mode - where clients access the applications in a "terminal", or "thin client" (or "no client") mode. In this mode, you will just use your internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and AutoCAD simply runs inside this browser.

As the datacenter (server) has to handle multiple resource-hungry CAD applications running at the same time and separate the concurrent users, there are some limitations to this mode of work. You cannot save or upload your drawings and you cannot save any customizations. But for trial versions this is acceptable.

Such configuration may develop in the future to a standard way of working with CAD. So it will be interesting to watch the development of this project.

More information about the "Application Trials Technology" project (codenamed "TWITCH") can be found on Autodesk Labs - Trials.

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