Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Budweiser DWG test

I came across an interesting DWG drawing which aims to test the compatibility of CAD applications claiming "full DWG compatibility" with the AutoCAD native file format.
The BUDWEISER.DWG by CAD Studio contains about 20 test cases and visually compares the expected and real results after importing this DWG file to a non-AutoCAD CAD application or a DWG viewer.
I suppose this file is often used by non-Autodesk developers to tune their applications for better DWG-compatibilty. But I have personal experience with incompatible DWG files from Microstation and IntelliCAD and there are lots of other cases (not covered in Budweiser.dwg) where these would-be compatible applications fail.
You can test your CAD app using Budweiser.dwg in the DWG2000, DWG2004 and DWG2007 formats - see BUDWEISER.DWG

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