Friday, June 09, 2006


Keep It Vector, Idiot

I am often asked about the best method to copy AutoCAD (or other CAD) data to another application - for technical illustrations in a word processor, for Powerpoint presentations, banners, etc.
There are many ways to copy and paste graphical data from CAD but there is one simple rule to keep. Paraphrasing the famous KISS principle, let's name this principle "Keep It Vector, Idiot" (KIVI).
Most methods of copying graphical data depend on raster images captured from the CAD drawing (or even from screen). But if you want to scale such graphics (make it larger or smaller, print it on a hi-res device), the results are less than perfect. The solution is in using vector data formats as long as possible through the whole publishing process. So please stay with WMF, DWF or other vector formats when copying your AutoCAD data - you will make your life easier.

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