Monday, September 11, 2006


Like to see Microsoft's Expression when Autodesk releases Impression?

... hope you're out of depression quickly.

Microsoft Expression is a not very well known Windows application for graphic designers (codename Acrylic). Currently it is a CTP (Community Technology Preview) phase software. It's homepage says about Expression: Vector? Bitmap? It doesn't care.
See more details and download the CTP version on

Autodesk Impression is a soon to released Windows application for graphic designers and technical illustrators (codename Vespa). Autodesk plans to release it first as a Technology Preview software on It's homepage says nothing about Impression yet but the sofware should Bring associative raster tools to vector (CAD) data. Watch the Autodesk Labs site - Impression should appear there in Sep or Oct.

Still want to see Microsoft's expression when Autodesk puts Impression on its Labs web site?

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