Monday, October 02, 2006


DWG 2007 - trusted or not

The hackers group called "Open Design Alliance" has recently announced that their DWGdirect library reads/writes DWG files "that are transparently accepted by AutoCAD as 'trusted'". A dazzling achievement...

"Trusted DWGs" are genuine drawing files which were created in an original Autodesk application. AutoCAD tests the signature of such DWG files on opening.

I would expect such proclamation from an underground group of teenagers happy to hack a big name web site, not from an interest group associating also reputable companies. Can you imagine a similar announcement in a different industry?

Our OpenShirt manufacture group has produced an Adidas-fake T-shirt which cannot be easily distinguished from the original!

The OpenCPU company has hacked the Pentium processor so that our fake processors are now recognized by Windows as genuine Intel CPUs!

Would you go with something like that to press? Would you make business with the OpenShirt and OpenCPU companies?

(furthermore: the library still works only with a subset of AutoCAD objects and a subset of possible DWG files)

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