Sunday, January 21, 2007


AutoCAD - one full floppy and growing...

It is only 20 years back when the full AutoCAD installation consisted of a single floppy disk (a 8" floppy). Yes, full 1.2MB of CAD software code! And AutoCAD version 2.5 has even run on diskless PCs - i.e. on a PC with no hard disk and with amazing 640kB of RAM (I am not talking about a terminal client).

Since that time AutoCAD has grown a bit. The latest version - AutoCAD 2007 - does not fit on one CD anymore so it is shipped on two CDs and it occupies whole 920MB (760x more). Of course, part of this data growth can be ascribed to Windows but also the AutoCAD function set, its material libraries, textures, 3D code have grown and add substantially to the total volume.

It looks like we have to accustom to the future software versions (not only CAD) shipped on DVDs only - because of its size.

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