Sunday, January 28, 2007


Max rendering of AutoCAD 2007 models

Our AutoCAD models made it to Hollywood - almost. They should be used in a presentation video which is prepared by another company. This company is using Autodesk 3ds max 8.

As both AutoCAD and 3ds max are developed by the same company, I believed that there will be no problems transferring the DWG data from AutoCAD to 3ds max. But there were problems. The video company was not able to read our AutoCAD 2007 data into 3ds max. At the end we figured that the problems were caused by the new DWG2007 format. But fortunately there is a quick fix for this - 3ds max 8 should be patched with SP3 and there is also a RealDWG 2007 update for 3ds max 8. This solved the problem.

So there is always the rule of thumb #1: keep your software patched to the latest SP level.

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