Sunday, February 11, 2007


Keep my objects enabled

Object enablers are one of the most baffling AutoCAD concepts for users. And Autodesk doesn't make it any easier to find and download the right enabler for a given mix of version+objects. The outdated page doesn't list any of the applications of the 2007-family (and the 2008-family is almost coming). With more and more AutoCAD versions circulating and more and more users working with the object-oriented 3D AutoCAD flavours it is more important to always find the right enabler if you need to open the object-enriched DWG file in plain AutoCAD or in another AutoCAD flavour.
The Live Enabler function in AutoCAD can lead you through the process of finding and installing the right add-on enabler. But if you need to pre-install a specific object enabler, there should be an easier way to identify and install it.

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