Monday, April 23, 2007


Raster images embedded in DWG, Mohawk texts

I have received a trial copy of AutoCAD Raster Design 2008 to test it on AutoCAD 2008. I have used an old version of Raster Design some years ago but I have not followed the newer versions then.

This raster processing add-on for AutoCAD allows to work with raster files in the AutoCAD environment, practically in the same way as you work with vector entities. Plus it supports all possible transformations of raster images (rubbersheeting) and many specialized raster formats with high compression and raster formats for satellite imaginery.

One of the functions which is new in the version 2008 is very interesting - it allows to embed raster images inside a DWG file. It is limited to bitonal images (black-and-white, 1-bit) but still - you can get rid of referencing external raster files and avoid instable OLE objects. Your raster file becomes a single object in the DWG database. The special command for this function is IEMBED and the object type it creates is AECIDBEMBEDDEDRASTERIMAGE which behaves like a standard IMAGE (you will need the Raster Design object enabler to see this image in plain AutoCAD). The resulting DWG file doesn't grow much - a 100kB compressed TIFF embeds to a 150kB DWG file. Such function would be very useful in also the basic AutoCAD package.

Raster Design performs also OCR (optical character recognition) - reading texts from raster images into text entities. For this, Raster Design option settings offer an impressive list of character sets - including e.g. Mohawk:

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