Sunday, January 13, 2008


CAD in your internet browser

The Autodesk Lab project - "Project Draw" - has matured to a quite usable tool now. It is a complete diagramming (CADD) application running completely in your internet browser. Think of Actrix (former Autodesk diagramming software) or Vision running inside a web page.

So you don't need to install any software, not even an ActiveX object, to draw and edit diagrams, using symbol libraries, smart grips, etc. All this is programmed in Javascript, using Ajax and other Web 2.0 technologies. Project Draw now offers also an "off-line" mode. Making use of the "Google Gears" technology it allows to work offline on your drawings and diagrams. And when you switch your online/offline status, it synchronizes your designs automatically.

It will be an interesting way to go to the "web-version" of AutoCAD in the futture...

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