Friday, April 04, 2008


AutoCAD 2010 will use a new DWG format

The AutoCAD product line manager at Autodesk - Eric Stover - said in the Techworld interview that:
the new DWG format is due in 2009 with the planned release of AutoCAD 2010

So we can expect a DWG format change in a year or so (in AutoCAD 2010). This complies with Autodesk plans to change the DWG file format every 3 releases (= every 3 years).

The interview itself is about the problems some AutoCAD users have with the DWG2007 format (using internal compression) on WAN links with connection accelerators. These accelerators obviously try to save bandwith by caching and skipping unchanged portions of transmitted files. And internal file compression makes the whole file appear as changed.

I wonder how can Autodesk be blamed about this as internal compression is used in many many file formats, not just DWG.

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