Thursday, April 03, 2008


How do you extract your AutoCAD data?

The DATAEXTRACTION command is maybe the most underestimated command (wizard) in AutoCAD. It can do miracles if you want to analyze, schedule and export data from your drawing.

This CAD Forum tip mentions using the Data Extraction wizard for exoprting drawing text but the possibilities of this command are much broader. It is like the ATTEXT and EATTEXT commands on steroids. You can schedule not only block attributes and a couple of block properties but virtually any property of any entity of your DWG drawing.

And you can use this extracted information in a very flexible way - you can export it to a text (CSV) file, update a database or insert (and keep updated automatically) a table back into your drawing. The settings can be saved so you can repeat the extraction easily.

Check this command as it can make your life easier automating some of your frequently used tasks.

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