Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Free JPEG2000, ECW and MrSID image support for AutoCAD

We have received an archive of old paper drawings scanned to a .JP2 format. It took us some time to find out it is a "JPEG 2000" raster format but unfortunately AutoCAD does not seem to support this type of images. We were prepared to convert the files to another, AutoCAD-supported format but then I have found a neat trick.

If you install the free Raster Design Object Enabler for AutoCAD, it not only enables objects coming from the "Raster Design" add-on, but also - as a side-effect - adds many new raster formats to the standard AutoCAD IMAGE and IMAGEATTACH commands. So with this simple enabler you learn your AutoCAD new formats, including JPEG 2000, ECW, MrSID and other useful raster formats.

Raster Design Object Enabler is available for AutoCAD 2009, 2008, 2007 - and probably also for other, older versions - I have not tested the older ones.

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