Tuesday, March 24, 2009


AutoCAD 2010 has landed

The 24th version of AutoCAD - AutoCAD 2010 - was released today, March 24th.

There are lots of smaller enhancements and a couple of big ones in ACAD 2010. The biggest are 1) 3D modeling and 2) parametrics.

The 3D modeling capabilities now available in AutoCAD are better (and easier to use) than 3D tools of many specialized "3D" CAD software applications, including the existing versions of Autodesk's own Inventor and Revit. The same applies to parametrics - it is similar to the dimensional and geometric constraints available already in Inventor, but now in AutoCAD parametrics is available to "masses", to much wider audience. Most of other new functions was covered in my previous post. I am waiting for the localized German version.

To support AutoCAD users and let the communicate better, Autodesk has launched its new community web site - AutoCAD Exchange.


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