Monday, May 04, 2009


Plain vanilla or another AutoCAD flavor?

When you say "AutoCAD", most people think about the only Autodesk software they know - the basic plain AutoCAD. Quite a lot of people do know also the most popular mechanical and architectural flavors - "AutoCAD Mechanical" and "AutoCAD Architecture". GIS experts may also know "AutoCAD Map 3D". But in fact this patisserie offers much more flavors (including a couple of exotic ones) you can enjoy.

Here is the list of AutoCAD flavors I know (by name, I have never seen some of them) - and maybe there also other ones:
  1. AutoCAD - the plain vanilla version
  2. AutoCAD LT - limited version (2D, no API customization)
  3. AutoCAD Architecture (ADT)
  4. AutoCAD Mechanical
  5. AutoCAD Electrical
  6. AutoCAD MEP (building systems)
  7. AutoCAD Map 3D
  8. AutoCAD Land Desktop
  9. AutoCAD Civil
  10. AutoCAD Civil 3D
  11. AutoCAD Structural Detailing
  12. AutoCAD P&ID
  13. AutoCAD Plant 3D
  14. AutoCAD Raster Design, AutoCAD Inventor, AutoCAD Visualization Suite, AutoCAD Revit Suite, ... - not AutoCAD flavors, only bundles (packs) or addon applications
So if you are buying or evaluating your next CAD software, make sure you pick the right one - some might taste better than plain vanilla...

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It's called Autodesk Inventor, and is most certainly NOT an add-on to Autocad.

It's a stand alone 3d modeling program.
I know Inventor is a standalone program but it comes in a bundle with AutoCAD Mechanical. And it is now really called "AutoCAD Inventor".
No, it isn't.
Yes, it is:

It seems that Autodesk is "not sure" about the exact naming...
Ok, ok Enough!

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