Monday, September 20, 2010


AutoCAD WS - a good thing in the Mac story

I can see a single positive thing on the whole AutoCAD for Mac story, which still makes little sense for me - AutoCAD WS. My reservations about putting effort in developing "another AutoCAD" instead of polishing the right one can be found in my previous posts.

But there is one offspring of the Autodesk-Apple story that is very interesting and very promising for Autodesk's future. AutoCAD WS (I understand that this will be the resulting name of the whole Butterfly Project) is a web cloud application running on Autodesk servers in the internet. Through the lightweight client of AutoCAD WS you can work on DWG drawings on virtually any device - a Flash-enabled internet browser on a PC, on a Smartphone, on an iPad or even on an iPhone and iPod. AutoCAD WS now supports only a limited subset of DWG objects (2D only) but still - this sounds promising.


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