Thursday, November 30, 2006


Native DWF viewing in Windows Vista

Autodesk and Microsoft cooperated on development of an extended DWF format employing the XPS (XML Paper Specification). The resulting .dwfx files can be natively viewed in Windows Vista and other operating systems supporting XPS viewers.
The number of users who can directly view DWF format files will grow substantially in this way - at least with the number of Vista users. DWF Viewer won't be needed anymore in most situations - so you will not need to download and install any application to view CAD data sent by an AutoCAD user (and of course also users of Revit, Inventor, etc).
This confirms the "CAD publishing standard" status for DWF format.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Autodesk sues ODA - finally

It is a logical move. After the latest controversial press by Open Design Alliance, Autodesk now decided to sue ODA for trademark infringement. Autodesk is requesting to stop distribution and recall all CAD products containing DWGdirect 2007 libraries.
As Adidas would fight back if someone produces fake "3-stripes" apparel, Autodesk is doing the same with a group of its competitiors claiming to produce watermarked "genuine DWG" files (Trusted DWG).

I cannot help myself but I am very suspicious when commercial players are talking about "user rights", their "right" to gain access to competitor's technology and well-doing for mankind... And - at the same time - refusing to open their own proprietary file formats. Behind the lofty talk about user rights it's plain unfair competition.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


AutoCAD 2008 in beta

Beta tests of the new AutoCAD version have started. AutoCAD 2008 (aka Spago) will probably come in Spring 2007 (as usual) but its beta phase comes earlier than betas of the previous versions. Some interesting new functions are included...
There are rumours that the AutoCAD box design and accompanying materials may change substantially - it will probably remind the black multimedia boxes of Autodesk 3ds max.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Autodesk Inventor 2008, not R12

In a surprising move, Autodesk will name the next Inventor release "Inventor 2008" (not R12). So Inventor will jump on the AutoCAD numbering scheme - the same used for the most AutoCAD-based and non-AutoCAD based Autodesk applications (like MapGuide or multimedia software).
It looks like Inventor 2008 will have much more AutoCAD-driven features, not only the number. Its beta testing phase just starts...

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