Thursday, August 30, 2007


AutoCAD 2008 Service Pack 1 - don't be surprised

Autodesk has released SP1 for AutoCAD 2008 and LT 2008 (and AutoCAD from Revit Suites). As usual, it fixes the main problems found after the initial release and includes hotfixes which have been released up to now.
For me, it fixes only two painpoints (I was not affected by any other problem fixed in SP1) - linetypes after zoom and multiple AutoCAD sessions after double-clicking DWG files. The original version ("SP0") displayed linetypes as Continuous after several Zooms. This seems to be fixed now.
I have found no problems installing this Service Pack - recommended. Just a note - don't be surprised when your Dashboard suddenly displays all possible panels. It is described in the SP1 Readme, just re-select the workspace.

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