Monday, April 04, 2011


AutoCAD 2012 - new features

When I look at the new features of the recently released AutoCAD 2012, I can see less new functionality than usual - compared to previous releases. There are interesting new functions for 3D - e.g. the import of the CAD formats of non-Autodesk CAD software, the 3D model views, the new 3D editing functions - but for 2D drafting there are not so many enhancements.

One notable 2D feature is the dynamic array - you can interactively make and modify radial and rectangular and path arrays. Another general new feature is the Content Explorer - finally you can quickly search contents (texts, blocks...) of DWG files, not only on your disk but also on other PCs in your network. But all other enhancements are really small ones.

I cannot forget the online functions of AutoCAD WS but for people working on local DWG files it brings no direct productivity enhancements. What I don't understand fully is the decision to bundle Inventor Fusion. Why is it a part of AutoCAD now? Doesn't AutoCAD have enough 3D editing functions of its own?

PS: I have now received a Twitter notification for a command history graph - it confirms the size of the AutoCAD 2011.5 (aka 2012) version having the least new commands since version 2002

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Remote AutoCADder

My job is no longer directly related to AutoCAD so I will contribute to this blog less frequently. But I am still an AutoCAD fan so whenever I find something noteworthy about AutoCAD, I will try to post a blog message.


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