Friday, April 13, 2012


AutoCAD 2013 - what's new

There seems to be a new record in the low number of new features introduced in AutoCAD 2013. Even my favourite command history chart from CAD Forum tells that AutoCAD 2013 has the lowest number of new commands and variables ever (if we take versions 2000i and 2002 as a combined release):

AutoCAD commands

Most of the new functionality relates to the Autodesk Cloud "Autodesk 360". This cloud initiative lead in the CAD area by Autodesk is quite interesting and I consider it rather useful. E.g. the cloud render or simple cloud-based sharing of drawing files and AutoCAD custom settings is something that most users might need every day. But off-line users can write off half of the new features.

The new interactive and transparent command window can make AutoCADder's life easier but it is rather a cosmetic enhancement. The 3D documentation features probably won't be used by many users as they probably do 3D in other applications, also those by Autodesk (Inventor, Revit). But the openness of this function - can create 2D views from any 3D model/file - is a nice attitude. You can use AutoCAD as a documentation tool for 3D CAD models coming from Solidworks, CATIA, Pro/E, etc.

One of the underestimated functions in AutoCAD 2013 - the Apps Exchange online store. You can very easily choose and install any of the plug-in applications offered mostly for free there.

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