Thursday, November 01, 2007


AutoCAD commands at a glance

Searching for the german translation of an AutoCAD command I have found a very nice online resource of AutoCAD command names. This dictionary seems to contain all AutoCAD commands including Express Tools, in English, German, Italian, French and other languages.

The command list is hidden on the CAD Forum web, in its Tips section - AutoCAD commands. The command lookup resembles the CommandComplete tool in AutoCAD but this one works online - just type in some characters from the searched command and it dynamically lists all commands containing these characters while you type. The information about a particular command then includes its translation to other languages, eg. what is its German equivalent, the AutoCAD version it was first introduced and a short description. Alas this description seems to be missing on some commands.

I am used to work with the original English versions of AutoCAD commands but many of my collegues want to know command names for the German version of AutoCAD. So this page will definitely keep one of the top positions in my bookmark list.

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