Friday, December 30, 2005


Diana to the rescue

You are desperately hesitating which architectural (AEC) software to pick. Countless sleepless nights. Sweating.
Finally comes your saviour with her infinite wisdom - Diana.

Diana is an electronic advisor who helps you choose between AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop and Autodesk Revit Building - after you answer a couple of well targeted questions. Diana talks to you over audio (I would appreciate her photo), you answer by picking or entering data on the web page. Try it.
(Diana is smart enough to recommend Revit in most cases)

Friday, December 09, 2005


New bunch of AutoCAD tips

It's been a while since I have checked my favorite CAD tips web - and they have added a good collection of useful tips again. Some of the tips published there is a well known stuff but most of them are unique tips and some are really gems. My favorites are:

Try yourself to search in this online database...

NB: the multicolored linetype tip made it immediately to the Autodesk "Knowledge Base" (TS1053970) - maybe they could credit the source...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


AutoCAD 2007 and Inventor 11 - what can we expect?

The Autodesk University 2005 event has revealed some of the functionality we can expect in new versions of AutoCAD (plus the whole AutoCAD family applications) and Inventor. And the new functions are very interesting! Estimating from the past release cycle and due to the Subscription program we can expect the new releases in Spring 2006.
AutoCAD 2007 will offer conceptual modeling and new functionality in 3D (3D grips, dynamic 3D UCS, 3D visualization, presentation tools...), new rendering engine, new import/export file formats (incl. DGN V8) and probably also a new DWG drawing file format.
Inventor 11 will run also in 64-bit Windows and it will support larger assemblies with the level-of-detail function allowing to unload parts from the assembly. The Content Center and Design Accelerator modules will be updated.

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