Monday, March 30, 2009


AutoCAD 2010 commands and variables

If you need a list of the new commands and variables introduced in AutoCAD 2010, there is a README file displayed at the end of the AutoCAD installation. Traditionally, this Readme doesn't list all of the new commands nor variables. And traditionally, a more complete list can be found on Hyperpics and CAD Forum (and variables).

This time the Readme doesn't list any obsoleted commands in version 2010, but still I have found one - the JOGSECTION command (now as SECTIONPLANEJOG).

In terms of the number of new commands (and especially variables, AutoCAD 2010 is one of the major releases (see also my older post for A2009) - with 55 new commands and 67 new variables (using the CAD Forum database numbers).

Here is the graph with the number of new commands in the latest AutoCAD releases:
AutoCAD commands

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


New free viewers for DWG and DWF CAD data

A good book writer (author) has many readers - and similarly a CAD designer (good designer) has many consumers (viewers) for his CAD data.

That's why it is important to have applications capable of reliable viewing of CAD formats. Autodesk has two of them, both of them free, and both were just released in a new "2010" version.

Autodesk DWG TrueView 2010
is a free DWG viewer. It is basically a cut down version of full AutoCAD so you can be sure that it displays, plots, measures and converts your DWG and DXF files exactly the same way as AutoCAD. The downside of this is that the installer is huge - 180MB, and also running TrueView takes quite a lot resources.

If you prefer lightweight applications and lightweight data, you will like Autodesk Design Review 2010. This a viewer for DWF and DWFx design files which can be easily published from any Windows application. And not only a viewer. In Design Review you can print, measure and first of all markup (redline) CAD data. And the markups can be brought back into AutoCAD. Version 2010 introduces ribbons and the ability to open DWG, PDF, DGN and JT files. DWG files are not viewed directly but they are first converted to DWF (in the background, with DWG TrueView). The added support for PDFs is quite surprising but it goes in line with the PDF support added in AutoCAD 2010.

You can download these two new applications from and

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


AutoCAD 2010 has landed

The 24th version of AutoCAD - AutoCAD 2010 - was released today, March 24th.

There are lots of smaller enhancements and a couple of big ones in ACAD 2010. The biggest are 1) 3D modeling and 2) parametrics.

The 3D modeling capabilities now available in AutoCAD are better (and easier to use) than 3D tools of many specialized "3D" CAD software applications, including the existing versions of Autodesk's own Inventor and Revit. The same applies to parametrics - it is similar to the dimensional and geometric constraints available already in Inventor, but now in AutoCAD parametrics is available to "masses", to much wider audience. Most of other new functions was covered in my previous post. I am waiting for the localized German version.

To support AutoCAD users and let the communicate better, Autodesk has launched its new community web site - AutoCAD Exchange.


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